Friday, 14 June 2019

Pentax Q is fab.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Just testing this still works. ;)
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2 piece C-Mount to Pentax Q adaptor
1mm C-Mount shim (acts as a macro ring for focusing closer)
C-Mount Cosmicar/Pentax 8.5mm f1.5
40.5mm to 37mm step down ring
37mm variable ND deglazed
37mm to 52mm step up ring

I needed a shim between the Fujinon fisheye and my one piece C mount to Pentax Q adaptor.
Re-using the black rubber o-ring seal from the silver metal adaptor out of the Axis security camera was very handy. It is offering just the right flex to allow for smooth focus adjust that has enough resistance that stays put when I want it to. Acts like a makeshift helicoid I suppose. Give it a try if you did not throw out your o-ring already. Otherwise a similar size o-ring would do the trick.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Glases Free 3D photo editing with StereoPhotoMaker

Was wondering if it was possible and potentially very cool... to use  one of my glasses free 3D screened Android devices as a preview window whilst editing 3D images using SPM (Stereo Photo Maker). With very little faff, I got it to work almost exactly as I'd wanted and here is what I came up with... Maybe some of you are interested.
You need a Windows PC with SPM. Mine is Windows 7 laptop.
A glasses gree 3D screened Android device. The example I used here is a HTC EVO3D (available cheap off eBay). Install the iDisplay app on both PC and Android from Google Play store.
USB data cable serves 2 purposes. It allows a stable wired connection for passing screen data from PC to Android display. Secondly, it provides some welcome power to charge your android device while it is connected. The USB line between the PC on the phone isn't mandatory, iDisplay's extended display functionality can work untethered via just WiFi alone!!!
Have a manual way to switch on the parallax barrier on the glasses free Android device. I used Jmz3D Switcher to manually enable the 3D barrier on my rooted EVO3D. There is a similar utility for the Gadmei 8" 3D tablet thats also available from the Google play store.

Would not surprise me if this worked on a Gadmei 8" 3D screened tablet too. I don't have one to test but tell me if you have one and have tried this. Check out "Gadmei 3D Activator"

If SPM can use a secondary non-primary monitor for full screen preview... this would be (IMO) even more awesome. Anyone know how to do that? I have looked into it on the current version of STP and seems a minor annoyance I have to put up with for now, but I'll show the creator of SPM and find out what he has to say about future support...