Friday, 11 December 2009

Aleged MG Gundam X scan is photoshop job!

Sorry all you X fans but the recent image of the Master Grade Gundam X that has been floating around the web as an aleged scan from an announcement in a magazine, I am not at all convinced. To my eyes it is clearly just a photoshop job taking the established scaned image of the MG GNX announcement as it's source.

Click the image for a closer look. The texts at the top and the red box at the bottom which show just a cut and paste replacement of a few words here and there. Most obvious evidence that it is a tampered image. The X is also a bit blurrier too.
Most damning is the signature interfering with the blue line in the very bottom left.
Try harder next time!

True though that this series could do with at least one Master Grade kit, it does not look as if your Gundam X wishes will come true quite so soon as you may have 1st thought.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

The Mobile Suit Gundam UC0079 Diorama Competition begins now!!!

Click here to see the entries so far!
The theme as Mobile Suit Gundam UC0079 The original Anime Series is what you voted for out of over 660+ votes.

You have the entire holiday season to work on your entry. Read the below and get cracking!

Myself and iShop2Go will judge the best UC0079 Diorama entry we get. We want your entries portraying dynamic movement, model painting skill for the kit and also very important is showing off the work put into the background / landscape/ surroundings. One or more Bandai kit must be used. No computer graphics enhanced imagery. As part of your entry, you must show your work in progress how you made it. The quality of your presentation will also count. All entries must be posted as a video response via this link and must be in before Feb 28th 2010 so you have the whole holiday season to work on your diorama skills and finish your projects. We will pick the winner and announce it shortly after the deadline.

*As before, I can't promise that these competitions will continue. It all depends on the kind of response we get... You should treat this as the last time we ever do a competition.

Come back often for the latest on what's what.

1. Entries in, on and before 28/2/2010. Winner announced shortly afterwards and will be shipped upon confirmation from the winner.
2. North America, Europe, Asia, Australia ONLY! The prize unfortunately can not be shipped outside of these regions! mail if you want to ask where they are willing to ship.

3. The prize is to be chosen by the winner from the following selection of excellent Mobile Suit Gundam UC0079 Master Grade kits


4. The winner, is requested to be able to prove they made the diorama.
5. Use sound or music or voice or silence if you want, its up to you.
6. ALL entries must be submitted as a YouTube "Video Response" to the contest announcement video here via this link (It will be posted soon-ish)
7. After the winner receives the prize, they are requested to have a video shot receiving the prize and post it onto corresponding youtube account

This prize is 100% supplied by those fantastic lovely peoples over at who are entirely responsible for this prize.

Entries are to show off a Mobile Suit Gundam UC0079 Original Anime series related diorama you created and must showcase or more kits from said series or it's side stories. (no less than 1 kit)

Dioramas must be 100% physical models (ie not using any 2d/3d computer graphics)

Post a photo or photo slideshow or moving video as a "video response" via this link here select "choose a video" and pick the video from your YouTube account.

If you have jpg format pictures... you MUST convert it to avi , wmv, mov etc... a video format is needed to be able to upload it to your YouTube account in order to submit the entry as a YouTube "Video Response".
Convert your jpgs to video via Window Movie Maker that comes FREE on your XP / Vista PC or use iMovie that comes FREE on an OSX Mac.

"a scene" can either be one lifted from the show or a FANTASY scene you made up yourself so long as it is using kits from the Gundam UC0079 the Original 1st Anime Series. The kit used NEEDS to have appeared in that 1st Gundam Anime series.

Only original Bandai plastic model kits allowed. Resin kits will be accepted.

Ishop2go reserves the right to use the winning entry in part or in whole for purposes such as for advertising.

The winning entry will be the one chosen as best by iShop2go and 2old4toys. Our decision is FINAL!!!

See all the collected entries so far here

BTW you can find ishop2go on Facebook to follow the latest news on the goodies they have to offer.

HG Unicorn Mode has landed!

So after almost 2 years, my MG Unicorn's sprues remain unspoiled in their original cellophane wrappings but I think this HG's arrival will help put my arse in gear. Released Nov 2009 retailing at ¥1500. Yes... Today I picked up the still fresh HG Unicorn, and I must say, it looks a corker! The idea is to have it partner the MG, which despite being transformable (with a great deal of effort it seems), will now most probably be destined to remain in a permanent state of Destroy Mode glory. This non-transformable HG will be a perfectly adequate reminder of it's more subdued form. There was no way I'd get 2 MG Unicorns just to display both its modes... I find it not only wasteful, I dislike building the exact same kit of anything twice. Forgive me if I digress but I can barely tolerate even the re-use of left and right limb parts in the same MG. Not in this day and age. You know... it happens where you build arms or legs only to discover it doesn't matter if its left or right sided 'cos they and are interchangeable. So... no, you'll not find me building the exact same kit twice just because Bandai release a re-issue in a different colour.

Back to this HG though... It is very very nice looking right out of the box! There are small grey sub-components that I'd have naturally expected to be in need of some paint as being a part of a much bigger single white piece such as the lower halves of the legs, but I am happy to be proven wrong! WRT the colour separation of the parts, they did an amazing job on both this and the Destroy Mode HG. (I saw the Destroy mode HG in-store, and can tell you it is a fantastic looking kit too!)

Has to be said... I could not care less that the HG Unicorn does not transform. To have that feature would have sent the price of the kit skyrocketing. If you absolutely must have transformation then go ahead and spring for the 1/100 MG or if you have extremely deep pockets, try the 1/144 HCMPRO figure. The 1/144 HG Unicorn is not entirely inexpensive as it is... mostly because of how well they segregated the colour parts. But it is worth what they are asking. I'd much rather have a successful non-transforming kit than a semi-failed kit that transformed with a mass of parts which like to rearrange themselves whenever you tried to touch it for poses. Delivering 2 kits for 2 modes was a good move on Bandai's part. It keeps the price reasonable and that is important for the HG line. Typically... the Destroy mode would sell better anyway and those people who are only going to display in that mode do not have to pay for the engineering needed for getting the other mode they'd never use. Considering the 2 open hands, 2 beam saber hands and the trigger finger at the ready hand... all very nicely sculpted, the 2 clear pink beams, and the retractable barreled bazooka... it's got a pretty nice accessory package. I'm holding off commenting on the articulation though... that may potentially be less than stellar but then again, the MG of this guy never sold on the strength of it's infinite posing abilities.

My ultimate plans for my HG Unicorn is to use up what remaining pearl white that I have left over from my MG Shining Glam-dam project and have this Unicorn's blandness replaced with a subtle sparkly off-white. I have some REAL pearl paint powders I could work with on this too if I feel like it. To finish it off... a bunch of tiddly decals to adorn this guy with too.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Bandai MG 1/100 GN-X

So the next Master Grade on the cards is the GN-X. Can see where they are heading with this. Easily get at least 2 other future products out of the same mold with a simple swap of the coloured plastic beads. Throw in some new accessories. I would doubt they'd use any of the existing frame work from the MG Exia. It just does not make much sense to me that they'd share the same innards. The only possible exception is the LED lighting module which has all ready cropped up all over the place (hello green MG GunTank, PG 00...) Though I would really like to see a different coloured LED in this instance. I appreciate that they are not releasing all the hero kits in one go... That'd be so predictable. Having a bad guy suit that has never seen a previous 1/100 release is a good call IMHO. Bandai's Double Oh series of kits in all scales has brought about some pretty neat technical advances to Gunpla and I look forward to seeing more surprises. This MG should be no exception. No images of any actual prototypes so far. Just old line art.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Socks with toes review

My birthday socks. They have individual toes. Cute, but to untrained feet they are quite uncomfortable. Torture even. They take ages (comparatively) just to get them on to your feet... It's like putting an individual little sock onto each of your toes! Although it's cosey... I'm not used to the feeling of having each toe wrapped up and separated from one another. It's wierd. With shoes on, its less noticeable (I wore them going shopping for a day to test them out). However I believe they are intended more for in-house usage.
Yes I got socks for my birthday. I was told not to buy anything for an entire month in case I doubled up and clashed with my birthday prezzy from the Mrs. And what do I get? I get socks with toes. THREE PAIRS OF THEM! Wimmin are devious creatures...

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

OYW coming next!

UC0079 ownage!

Friday, 30 October 2009

Vote for the next competition theme!

YES! You can help us decide which Gundam series will be the basis of the next competition held with

Tell us what kits you have most of from the 4 series on offer. I rebooted the poll on 1st Nov to separate out Seed from Seed Destiny since they are rightly 2 separate 50+ episode series in their own right! Also I clarified that the 1st item in the poll is indeed 0079 AKA the One Year War ... original series.

Cast you vote NOW!!! *ended 9th Nov 2009. Thanks go to those who casted your vote! Results below

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

So this is where the title goes!

I'm doing a trial blogging with a software called Cellspin on my mobile phone. Hence the missing titles... I just noticed the field that I was missing up to now. Can you see me now?

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Exposure for your fledgeling YouTube Channel?

New Experiment starts now: I'm looking for good Gundam related videos that you have made to post on my channel for all to see. I cant be making videos non-stop myself (not that I make many videos at all on any regular basis!) so I am offering to post videos that you folk make as an example of you very best and help promote yourself and get your channel some exposure to the 5000 + subs I picked up in the last 2 years.
Naturally, my subs will be notified when you video appears on my channel and your video will be on my front page in the big window playing to anyone that drops by... And up untill the next video comes along or till I see fit to swap it out for something else.

I will be the quality controller. Your video must be Gundam related and good for your video to be considered...

In return I hope to keep my channel buzzing with video activity and Gundam news inbetween the dry spells when I dont have any videos of my own to post.

Not a bad deal I think

*edit: those of you not wanting people to watch your videos and not looking to have subscribers... Need not apply

Sunday, 11 October 2009

YouTube Channel Layout 2.0. I got hit!

Oh Bollocks to this new YouTube Channel layout nonesense. I'm going to have to mess about with it for blimmin ages before I have it the way I like it. Time that'd be better spent making new videos and what have you. Besides that... This is my first blog post made using my mobile phone. Typed and uploaded without a PC! Its via a program called CellSpin I am trying on my trusty Nokia e71. If you know of a good S60 client thats compatable with Blogspot for mobile blogging, then let me know. Yes I have a Nokia now having abandoned the iPhone 12 some months ago.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

PG 00 Gundam's exploded arm image

Aha! Under my close scrutiny... there looks to be the sleeves and elbows consist of a series of washers and a spring sandwich, clamped firmly together in between a long screw and a hexagonal nut. This is THE MOST AWESOME JOINT CONSTRUCTION I HAVE EVER SEEN IN ANY PGs ARM!!!
This bodes well for the rest of the kit's mechanical design. (though I'd have dearly loved the 2 condenser windows to have had light up gimmicks... you can't have everything.)
Modified image originally from the official Bandai site here

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Bandai Perfect Grade 1/60 scale 00 Gundam (Line Art) Click below for Jumbovision images of the 0 Raiser and 00 Gundam. This pairing will be out in November!!! at a whopping¥ 26,250 post tax, my wallet hurts just thinking about it... and I thought the PG RedFrame was pricey... It seemingly includes a Double Oh stand! Big whoop! The line art is entirely lovely though.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Playing with Google SketchUp

Working off the brilliant 2D design that Midnight Star did for me... (click the link to see the related forum thread) this is the 1st time I've ever done anything in 3D. To start with I found it so frustrating with this supposedly simple to use software... it was like learning to draw with my feet! However... after some perseverance, I am now quite chuffed with the progress I have made as a beginner. The program I used is called Google SketchUp (version 7 at the time of writing) and it's non-Pro version is just 36MB to download and entirely free to use! I can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone interested in learning the concepts of working with 3D but have zero previous experience. I haven't exported anything yet but read that it was possible to import my work from Sketchup into more advanced programs for making animations etc... which I also hope to try my hand at upon a later date.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

MG Exia Ignition Mode build

Fresh Gunpla snow is falling once more... 60% done. Start shooting the video this weekend no problem.

This photo shows the residual gate material that is meticulously trimmed from each part. I call it "Gunpla snow". Don't snort it... plastic crack is not a real drug. Or is it???
Grand Master Falsh said... "DON'T DO IT!"

Monday, 3 August 2009

Mermaid and Nether Gundam (The Brotherhood of Transforming Fail-Gundams)

Released 2003 (printed on the packaging) retailing for ¥3600 before tax. MSIA - Mobile Suit in Action : Mermaid and Nether Gundam double pack. The Mermaid is stamped 2002 on his leg whilst the Windmill has no date markings on him at all.

Yes I know... The Hurricane Gundam to US viewers of the show. Nether - is way funnier so get over it already... "Hurricane"??? that's almost cool sounding!

Something I neglected to mention in the video review, though you can see it... these Japan edition Mermaid and Nether Gundam MSIA figures are both nicely pre-panel lined in grey. I hear the US releases which were left clean (I don't have any American release MSIA myself)

Click on the image for jumbovision scan of the black and white Japanese language instructions describing the transformation of both those bizarre figures from the G Gundam show.

Out of these 2 chaps I'd say that despite is parts-forming transformation ... the Nethergundam's rotate-reveal head, fun free spinning sails, ceiling fan flight mode and better articulation all combine to beat the Fish guy who's only real gimmick is his multi-segmented tail and rotatable propeller.
Waiting in the wings, I have another member of the Brotherhood of Fail-Gundams pending review. Dun Dun DUNNNNNN!!!
Mermaid Gundam video review
Nether Gundam video review

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

2Old4Toys Voice Acting? Oh Lord...

I did a voice part for GuttedWrenStudios... I am SO BAD!
No really... I am bad. Groan...

Even if you have never watched UC0079 you MUST see what these guys have done in their Abridged series. It is totally worth watching. Subscribe to them NOW!

Side A

Side B

Those guys crack me up! I had a lot of fun doing it. Who knows... maybe I will get another stab at it later??? Check the work from Gutted Wren Studios and FEEL the quality...

Yes that is a REAL CAKE!!! and its PG Char in the BG!!!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Master Grade 1/100 Gundam Exia Ignition Mode ガンダム00

The MG Exia has LANDED!!! click thumbnails for gigantovision
Just the 1st batch of photos, so stay tuned for more :-)

Things I like so far are...
★ the reflectoid film membrane widget sheet... thing... (second to last image)
★ IN THE BOX LEDS WITH AN MG!!! (last image)
★ Lots of Chromeo!!!
Not sure about the cape thing. I'd been thinking it'd be soft vinyl, but nevermind.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

30th Aniversary HG 1/144 Rx-78-2 Gundam Ver. G30th Gunpla

Released by Bandai July 2009 retailing at ¥1,200.
View an entire album chock FULL of PHOTOS & SCANS as a navigatable slide show click HERE

Click the images below directly for popup super hi rez!

Box exterior scans

Inside the box

Assembly Instructions

Pose guide, Promo sheet & Promo card

All images are copyright of Bandai / Sotsu Agency / Sunrise

Unboxing YouTube video

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

WIN a PG Gundam Astray Red Frame! ends 30th Sept 2009

Just show us your Gundam Double Oh related diorama! Thats IT!

Come back often for the latest on what's what.

1. Entries in, on and before 30th Sept 2009. Winner announced on 30th Oct 2009 and will be shipped shortly afterwards.
2. North America, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia ONLY! The prize can not be shipped outside of these regions! (remarkable how so may people asked about if Canada was included last time...)
3. The prize is a 1/60 scale Perfect Grade Gundam Astray Red Frame
4. The winner, if requested, must be able to prove they at least have the diorama with them and did not just steal someone else's work from the internet!
5. Use sound or music or voice or silence if you want, its up to you.

Any questions on shipping, send directly to

This prize is 100% supplied by who are entirely responsible for this prize.

"turningegg", is representing, and will also be answering competition questions for you ...

Post a photo or photo slideshow or moving video or stop motion of your diorama as a video response via this link (loginto YouTube first!

"a scene" can be one lifted from the show or FANTASY scene you made up yourself so long as it is Gundam Double Oh related (season 1 or 2 or sidestory, manga anime SD whatever...).

You can use models, figures, plastic, metal, paper, playdoh, fruit or vegetables... so long as they are good representations that are impressive and you think can win

The winning entry will be the one chosen as best by Turningegg from iShop2go and 2old4toys. Their decision is FINAL!!!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Please don't shout. When? I dunno... I'll do it when I feel like doing it... The PG MKII is not at the top of list now that I've started on the PG Red Frame videos. It takes an insane number of man hours for me to produce even a HG build in standard definition. Filming and post work on another massive PG build in HiDef immediately after the Red Frame would easily drive me over the edge. So stop with the harassment already!

Monday, 29 June 2009

Sunday, 28 June 2009

500 STAR RATINGS R-US!!! So here we are with PART 2!!!

WAHAY!!! And a big high five to WIZARTAR's Part1 !!! A phenomenal achievement for any video, let alone a Gundam kit review vid on YouTube! A measure of quality entertainment by which all subsequent videos shall be compared and will continue to be a pioneering example of outstanding video review making by a big bearded man for years and years to come. I am rightly chuffed to have made my modest contribution in creating such a splendid video.

For those of you who were not aware and keep asking... you can follow the blow by blow tortuous progress of the second part of the Red Frame Chronicles via this link here

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Youtube doubles maximum file upload size!

So in 2008 it was 100MB per file. They then rightly upped that to 1GB with the advent of their "HD" option that was much higher resolution than before, and just right now its been upped again to 2GB. That's MASSIVE for a 10min 59s video! Granted that with widescreen 720p HD, files can be big, but I myself have never even touched the 1GB ceiling even with my longer 18 min HD videos it was around 400MB max! I can't imagine how any normal YouTuber could use all of even 1GB. Perhaps 1080p support is on the way? That would use more bandwidth and need the MB to make up the added resolution... but at this moment with 720p being the maximum supported resolution on YouTube, the extra size for an 11min video is all a bit pointless! Seems like a massive waste of Internet bandwidth to me. Especially since YouTube re-encodes uploaded video files again on their servers before anyone can watch it anyway, so why transfer such big files to them in the 1st place only to have them cut it all out again.

Mind you, those poor unfortunate individuals who don't know how / can't be bothered to learn how or perhaps are just to plain lazy to re-encode their footage to more efficient codecs will finally be able to upload their works in their raw space hogging wasteful formats. Big whoop...

BTW: I see YouTube have now bestowed upon me an INSANE 20GB as my own single video file upload limit. Which I can not imagine ever using.

Thanks for nothing! I'd be way happier if they let me have the option to keep my channel page in the current layout than force me to migrate to their newfangled channel format... which I entirely despise... but I'll save that for another day.