Wednesday, 31 March 2010


As usual, I'll let my Blog and Twitter followers in on this news early.

Had some interesting feedback from the winner of the previous contest. I'd asked what he thought would encourage people to participate in these modeling contests and what it could be that was holding other people back from giving it a go.  I have to agree that it may have been a little too demanding of time, resources and skill and that some people probably found it too daunting to do a diorama. It didn't help that there are rather strong loyaties from fan factions which can lead to people bemoaning any given competion theme that is based on any single Gundam series. After all we are all individuals in our tastes. You can't please everyone right? WRONG!!!  ITS GOING TO BE A COLOUR THEMED ROBOT PAINTING CONTEST (NO DIORAMAS NEEDED!!!) All you need is a model Mech and some paint! Now tell me if you are still interested... I don't care from series or what robot you use so long as you follow the following rules!

The prize? You know what... I won't even tell you what it is. Remember... it's not the prize that matters. It's what you learn in taking part that counts! There IS a prize but don't do it for the prize (not that you know what it is), just do it for yourself and do it for the FUN OF IT! If this contest does well and I can secure that future prizes from, it will likely be the 1st of a series of contests that will help nurture and continue to build up the skill level of both novice and intermediate model building contestants to something they will be proud to exhibit on their shelves in a way they only previously dreamt of! I am sure you will enjoy following this contest as it builds to its conclusion! You know what... because he's been SO instrumental in the theme of this contest, I proposed MOKANAMAN be co-judge the entries for this contest, and he accepted! Credit where it's due, the rules are pretty much as he presented them and they're exactly what's needed. I feel like I am the real winner of the such a great sport and helping out like he has.
We onto a winner here?

-Original branded kit only
-One articulated or action kit of a Japanese robot can be of any brand, scale but not resin.
-Kit can be out of the box, modified or scratch built
-Kit MUST be painted
-At least 70% must be painted by the themes colour

-Kit must be made by you alone, if there is evidence of outside help or plagiarizing others work will be removed from contest. If anyone is aware of plagiarizing or cheating please contact contest host.

- One kit video entry per personThe kit will be allowed entry if above rules is followed. The kit will be judged using the table below. We are looking for a simple and creative project with least amount of mistakes made. Example a complex no grade 1:144 or SD kit will be preferred over a master grade or 1:72 Macross Frontier kits. You do NOT need an expensive kit to participate an WIN this!

Judging table

Description Points
Video criteria: Including what is requested of you in the video. See criteria below. 1pt.
Build: Seam lines, spru nubs, cast lines removed and other kit imperfections fixed. 3pt.
Paint: How flat and neat the paint is applied, choice of colours matching the subject. 3pt.
Finish: Panel lines, decals, weathering and finishes used. 3pt.
Total 10pt.

Video criteria
It is advised but not compulsory to follow these criteria, but fulfilling it will gain an easy 1pt. bonus. Effort in the video is just as important as effort in the kit, a poor video will make judging difficult and points lost if the model is not clearly seen.

-Show what brand of paint you use and explain why
-Show the built model before painting
-Explain or show how you applied the paint like a tutorial
-Explain what preparations are done before painting, example you washed your kit, used primer, you sanded the surface, used masking or did nothing.
-Clearly display the finished kit including multiple angles
-Most important feel free to add other elements into the video as you wish, be creative and have fun with it

Added Advice from Mokana Man
"A little lost about finishing a model to contest standards? Worry not; you will be given a few months on your project. First select a kit appropriate to your skill level, a first grade, a basic or cheap 1:144 no grade or super deformed Bandai branded snap kit is the answer. Research beginner modelling techniques on Google and You Tube in how to build your kit to be paint ready. My channel has a few tutorials and a play list with almost 100 videos on scale modelling.
When ready to pain get a block of Styrofoam, masking tape and tooth picks. Buy a spray can of Tamiya grey primer and a spray can of Tamiya colour appropriate to the themes colour. Mount all the pieces on the tooth picks then spray a light coat of primer then a few hours latter the base colour. Reframe from touching the painted parts for 24 hours. It’s best to shake the can for a few minuets then keep the can 10-15cm away from the piece. Start spraying off the piece then sweeps the paint across it in one movement. Once finished you are free to hand paint finer details.
Make sure to follow the rules, judging table and video criteria to gain full points. The neatest and most creative model with the least amount of mistake will win. Remembering this and following the above advice can land victory to a beginner over an experienced modeller. Most importantly have fun…
Note: Only advice for beginners having trouble, if you have painted a model with results that pleases you then there is no need to follow the middle paragraph."

Back to ME! (AKA 2Old4Toys)
- entries must be via a video response to my contest announcement video on YouTube.
- Entries must contain an element of moving video, but it is advised to include a photo slideshow using sharp stills of your work to let us get a clear look at it for judging.
- Dont be too long winded in your video.

My contest anouncement vid will soon tell you what the actual colour the theme is based on and what the end date is. For sure it's within the next 3 mths so you have PLENTY of time to work on this.

Leave a comment here to tell me what you think so far...

Finally, give our thanks to for supplying the brilliant prizes that they so generously do. Without them I could not offer any prizes for you! I highly recommend you check them out for your model kits and more! You buy from them, I get to do more contests. They are a team of dedicated toy fanatics delivering cool toys to the world! I hope that through this proposed series of contests, we can encourage many novices to progressively and in many cases dramatically better their modeling skills! A very worthy cause that iShop2go are backing! Follow iShop2go on Facebook!