Friday, 28 September 2012

Read Korean?

What do I need to fill in to register for a Korean LG Smart World account. I need it to download some South Korea only 3D apps and other 3D content... the application form has several mysterious fields I have yet to fathom. HELP!i

Information of others, and fraudulent use of a Social Security number that can be charged if less than 3 years of imprisonment or a fine not exceeding ten million won. Applicable laws of the Resident Registration Act Article 37 (Penalties)

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Egg Attack Iron Man

Snapped these at ACGHK2012. Seen these available as resin kits. They look fab all painted up. Sizable too... Similar to a mighty mug I think.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

[Q] Best 3D specific software for 3D Smartphone users?

Latest gadget? I've recently acquired a 3D equipped Android Smartphone. Got it just because I wanted to evaluate the 3D features. To test out how I'd like having a 3D stills and video capturing gadget that is always with me. One that allows me to immediately review, even edit what I'd just captured in said 3D. I'd love the hear what 3D software the rest of you guys recommend that specifically makes use of a built-in glasses-free 3D parallax barrier display, and/or twin back cameras. Features that make the LG 3D Optimus/Max, the 2011 HTC EVO 3D, and the Sharp 3D phone stand out from the rest of the overcrowded Android... crowd. There are newer Android Smartphones released with faster CPU, higher resolution this, higher capacity that... I've honestly switched from iPhone to Android purely because there's no Apple iOS 3D smartphone on the market at the time of writing. Other non-3D related smartphone specs simply don't interest me at the moment. All that really matters is the 3D.

Personally I make frequent use of, and can highly recommend the following 3D software... All available on the Android Play marketplace.

3DSteroidPro can allow you to take 3D photos in cha-cha mode (like many apps can...). Useful for capturing static macro or distant 3D landscape scenes. However, its the included 3D photo editing functions that make this app really special! Not only does it allow the common horizontal shift adjustments to left right images, but uniquely, it also caters for vertical and rotational alignment tuning! The only smartphone software I can find that can do this! Somewhat let down by its lacking export of MPO, while it's Side by Side Jpegs are simply not recognised as 3D photos by my 3D Optimus photo gallery app is quite puzzling. They display in 3D under Tobidale though! Try the free version first but rest assured that 2 USD for the Pro version is worthwhile. It lets you save photos at high resolution and also unlocks the auto-alignment feature!

Tobidale3D display 3D pics both in JPS and MPO format stored on you phone's local memory or from the many public web galleries, conveniently grouped into this one handy app. Notably, you can zoom into your 3D pics, and provides a simple crop and save function that is genuinely useful.

PHEREO browse 3D photos from their big web gallery. Can upload your own 3D pics to their gallery for sharing!

Interested in 3D specific apps. Let me know of your recommendations. I want to share your findings!

Best regards

Monday, 24 September 2012

Shell Ferrari diorama pamphlet needed!

Set complete... except~ for the freebie fold-out "starting-grid-diorama" paper pamphlet!!! The petrol stations here ran out of them here early on ;_; If you can get a spare one in your country next time you see them and mail it to me, that would be so so so so awesome. I'll make a video and dedicate it to you. Lots of love and all that...

PM me for goodness sakes!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Friday, 14 September 2012


Very informative review. Exactly what I was looking for.
Leaning towards passive 3D glasses to avoid flicker.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

7 Eleven Gundam promotion HK August 2012

What manner of Gundam tat is on offer this time?

I can only make out a Harro shaped inflatable neck pillow.

Anyone know able to read the text details in this poster let me know.