Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Competition WINNER!

A great winning entry from crapmunky99 with his neon paints and black light combo!
A 1st timer posting a video on YouTube. The HG 00 Raiser is winging it's way to you right now... Let me know that it arrives safely!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Competition Time: Win THIS!!!

When I get a new sub, I usually have a quick gander at the subber's channel. I see so many subs who are just watchers and have no vids of their own. This should hope to invigorate the passive viewers into action. Use your web cam... mobile phone, still camera with video feature.... whatever... learn how to get around the technical issues! how to get the video into a computer... How to edit, how to fix the sound... how to add titles... how to upload.... You will learn out of need so. I hope this is an incentive to set you on your way.
Judged on creativity, originality, entertainment value, (none of which are present in my own videos so this will be very useful for me.)
Rules of engagement, to be one of the finalists you need to follow these rules
1) 4 min max length or less!
2) 1 entry only each please!
3) must NOT use ANY video or music they don't have permission or copyright for! (try AudioSwap)
4) must not use Profanity!
5) Must not use Nudity!
6) should be a NEWLY made video you have not posted anywhere before this compo!
7) entries MUST be posted as a video response to my Compo announcement on or before 16th Feb 2009!
PRIZE: see this link http://www.ishop2go.com/productUR_001_PR_0000588_Prt_en.html
I and only I will decide the winning entry and announce them on 22nd Feb 2009 in a video and also on my YouTube Channel info section.
The winner needs to contact me within a week of announcement and send their shipping details to me.
iShop2go.com is ENTIRELY responsible for this prize not me. I will fwd them your details and they will send it off to the winner as soon as the kit is actually available later this month.
NOW GET OFF YOUR LAZY BOTTOMS and kindly make a video entry why don't you. Hmmmm?

* I advise you go read through the comments for the video as there are a lot of good tips and answers to questions asked by interested parties. It's like a workshop for how to make a 1st YouTube video.

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Saturday, 7 February 2009

GN Archer vs Gadessa

The High Grade 1/144 Gadessa was released mid Jan 2009 retailing at 1500 Yen. It came out at the same time as the similarly graded and scaled GN Archer. Somehow, I'd the impression that the Gadessa was better choice of the two. Wrong! Now that I have both to compare, although a simpler figure, I'd still conclude that the Archer's promiscuity provides the bigger "bang for the buck". Swapping that big backpack with other MS's, the transforming option, the pairing with the fabulous Arios... The Archer adds a lot of value to the already great Arios. I doubt there will be a 1/100 GN Archer anytime soon. So there is another positive point for the HG's at this time... far more choice.
On the other hand, I can't say I care too much for the Gadessa beyond the huge fire arm. Maybe it was the crappy ankle stickers that put me off... or the toes you have to pop off and reattach... was it too much to have them swivel down on a hinge? Even the single joint elbow but the Archer is the same... and it's comparatively expensive too, perhaps because of its inclusion of the stand. Its not that its at all bad... Its OK. Just not a "Must Buy" in my book. I don't think I'd find too much different with the Garazzo or whatever the other variant is called. So you can assume I'll be giving that one a miss when it finally arrives.