Friday, 2 April 2010

CONTEST Ends 28th May 2010!!!

-Original branded kit only
-One articulated or action kit of a Japanese robot can be of any brand, scale but not resin.
-Kit can be out of the box, modified or scratch built
-Kit MUST be painted
-At least 70% must be painted by the themes colour of YELLOW and any shade of YELLOW
-Kit must be made by you alone, if there is evidence of outside help or plagiarizing others work will be removed from contest. If anyone is aware of plagiarizing or cheating please contact contest host.
- One kit video entry per personThe kit will be allowed entry if above rules is followed. The kit will be judged using the table below. We are looking for a simple and creative project with least amount of mistakes made. Example a complex no grade 1:144 or SD kit will be preferred over a master grade or 1:72 Macross Frontier kits. You do NOT need an expensive kit to participate an WIN this!

Judging table
Description Points
Video criteria: Including what is requested of you in the video. See criteria below. 1pt.
Build: Seam lines, spru nubs, cast lines removed and other kit imperfections fixed. 3pt.
Paint: How flat and neat the paint is applied, choice of colours matching the subject. 3pt.
Finish: Panel lines, decals, weathering and finishes used. 3pt.
Total 10pt.

Video criteria
It is advised but not compulsory to follow these criteria, but fulfilling it will gain an easy 1pt. bonus. Effort in the video is just as important as effort in the kit, a poor video will make judging difficult and points lost if the model is not clearly seen.

-Show what brand of paint you use and explain why
-Show the built model before painting
-Explain or show how you applied the paint like a tutorial
-Explain what preparations are done before painting, example you washed your kit, used primer, you sanded the surface, used masking or did nothing.
-Clearly display the finished kit including multiple angles
-Most important feel free to add other elements into the video as you wish, be creative and have fun with it