Monday, 29 June 2009

Sunday, 28 June 2009

500 STAR RATINGS R-US!!! So here we are with PART 2!!!

WAHAY!!! And a big high five to WIZARTAR's Part1 !!! A phenomenal achievement for any video, let alone a Gundam kit review vid on YouTube! A measure of quality entertainment by which all subsequent videos shall be compared and will continue to be a pioneering example of outstanding video review making by a big bearded man for years and years to come. I am rightly chuffed to have made my modest contribution in creating such a splendid video.

For those of you who were not aware and keep asking... you can follow the blow by blow tortuous progress of the second part of the Red Frame Chronicles via this link here

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Youtube doubles maximum file upload size!

So in 2008 it was 100MB per file. They then rightly upped that to 1GB with the advent of their "HD" option that was much higher resolution than before, and just right now its been upped again to 2GB. That's MASSIVE for a 10min 59s video! Granted that with widescreen 720p HD, files can be big, but I myself have never even touched the 1GB ceiling even with my longer 18 min HD videos it was around 400MB max! I can't imagine how any normal YouTuber could use all of even 1GB. Perhaps 1080p support is on the way? That would use more bandwidth and need the MB to make up the added resolution... but at this moment with 720p being the maximum supported resolution on YouTube, the extra size for an 11min video is all a bit pointless! Seems like a massive waste of Internet bandwidth to me. Especially since YouTube re-encodes uploaded video files again on their servers before anyone can watch it anyway, so why transfer such big files to them in the 1st place only to have them cut it all out again.

Mind you, those poor unfortunate individuals who don't know how / can't be bothered to learn how or perhaps are just to plain lazy to re-encode their footage to more efficient codecs will finally be able to upload their works in their raw space hogging wasteful formats. Big whoop...

BTW: I see YouTube have now bestowed upon me an INSANE 20GB as my own single video file upload limit. Which I can not imagine ever using.

Thanks for nothing! I'd be way happier if they let me have the option to keep my channel page in the current layout than force me to migrate to their newfangled channel format... which I entirely despise... but I'll save that for another day.


Thursday, 25 June 2009

Imminent PG Red Frame part 2 !!!

Yes, it's almost there. Wizartar thought I was kidding when I suggested 500 Star ratings for part 1 before part2, but look at where we are right now! This has been a very long journey of me mostly chillin'. Sitting on my arse (to be perfectly honest), and then several weekends and weeknights of intense recording and editing work together with sleep deprivation (especially these last few nights!). I had been making Gundam related videos pretty regularly ever since I joined YouTube Oct 2007. Sometimes more often than at other times. This has been the hardest video I've made to date by quite some margin. Making YouTube videos is an enjoyable hobby in itself for me as much as I enjoy building stuff like Gundams. It helps me wind down after work in the office. This video has been a REALLY hard one to make! THE HARDEST!
It feels good to have it done and dusted.

About bloody time too!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

I love this video of a robot making coffee!

Gundam 0083 Arcade Game

The arcade game itself is an intriguing strategy based on trading cards on a table that the central computer is able to read and understand the cards positioning.
I think it runs on witchcraft...

I have some shots of some guy playing it too. The graphics are nicely cell shaded renditions. I'll update this with my video footage later for you.

(BTW you are not supposed to use a camera in these arcades... I am a bad boy)

Click here to see the full manual I scanned

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

PS2 game MS Gundam Journey to Jaburo

I opened up a new YouTube channel "iam2old4toys" a while back but only posted it's first video just today. Not too sure about how OK it is to use video captures of me playing console games after reading some horrid things about GTA videos being removed. That's why it is not on my main channel.

I tried to make a PS2 capture that squeeses out the very best possible video and sound quality as I could manage with what I had lying around the house. More to come. Check it out.

As of right this moment, "iam2old4toys" has zero subscribers and zero views for the video/s

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Revver videos share revenue and make money off the internet!

My Revver page:

I have posted some vidz both on Revver and YouTube. A few videos even appear exclusively on Revver, but mostly it's a backup of some of my older vidz and alternate edits.

I joined Revver's video site way back ... just a little after I started posting videos on YouTube. The main reason was that I'd been quite unhappy with the poor video quality on YouTube (it was back in the day when their video was really blocky and blurry, no"HQ" and way before "HD"). Revver's video image was much much sharper with higher resolution & colours were good. If you look at some of my very early YouTube videos, I suggested in the video info to go see my vids in Revver for better quality (content was still crap, just looked clearer!).

Then I found that people were able to subscribe to me via their iTunes as a video podcast which at the time was super cool!

Not only that but they offered me 40% of any revenue they made from people watching my videos! You get a PayPal payment every month your earnings reach or exceeded 20 USD!

That this revenue sharing thing was open to anyone who signed up with them was amazing considering you had to be a Partner on YouTube to generate income...

Well since posting my 1st video on Revver 2008-02-07, I have 24 videos and today up to 15 bucks in total earnings. I might reach the magic 20 dollar mark by the next few months? That is if Revver is still arround at that date to pay me! I say that because there was a couple of messages I got from their admin (the ONLY messages I ever got from Revver!) apologising for late payments etc... make their best effort to sort things out... Then, sigh... I come across this rather sad article:

So a warning to any of you looking for an alternative video sharing site to make some pennies publishing your efforts on the internet. Revver looks like it's going to implode or perhaps it has already imploded.


Never mind... but boy was I looking forward to that 20 bucks!