Friday, 30 October 2009

Vote for the next competition theme!

YES! You can help us decide which Gundam series will be the basis of the next competition held with

Tell us what kits you have most of from the 4 series on offer. I rebooted the poll on 1st Nov to separate out Seed from Seed Destiny since they are rightly 2 separate 50+ episode series in their own right! Also I clarified that the 1st item in the poll is indeed 0079 AKA the One Year War ... original series.

Cast you vote NOW!!! *ended 9th Nov 2009. Thanks go to those who casted your vote! Results below

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

So this is where the title goes!

I'm doing a trial blogging with a software called Cellspin on my mobile phone. Hence the missing titles... I just noticed the field that I was missing up to now. Can you see me now?

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Exposure for your fledgeling YouTube Channel?

New Experiment starts now: I'm looking for good Gundam related videos that you have made to post on my channel for all to see. I cant be making videos non-stop myself (not that I make many videos at all on any regular basis!) so I am offering to post videos that you folk make as an example of you very best and help promote yourself and get your channel some exposure to the 5000 + subs I picked up in the last 2 years.
Naturally, my subs will be notified when you video appears on my channel and your video will be on my front page in the big window playing to anyone that drops by... And up untill the next video comes along or till I see fit to swap it out for something else.

I will be the quality controller. Your video must be Gundam related and good for your video to be considered...

In return I hope to keep my channel buzzing with video activity and Gundam news inbetween the dry spells when I dont have any videos of my own to post.

Not a bad deal I think

*edit: those of you not wanting people to watch your videos and not looking to have subscribers... Need not apply

Sunday, 11 October 2009

YouTube Channel Layout 2.0. I got hit!

Oh Bollocks to this new YouTube Channel layout nonesense. I'm going to have to mess about with it for blimmin ages before I have it the way I like it. Time that'd be better spent making new videos and what have you. Besides that... This is my first blog post made using my mobile phone. Typed and uploaded without a PC! Its via a program called CellSpin I am trying on my trusty Nokia e71. If you know of a good S60 client thats compatable with Blogspot for mobile blogging, then let me know. Yes I have a Nokia now having abandoned the iPhone 12 some months ago.