Friday, 11 December 2009

Aleged MG Gundam X scan is photoshop job!

Sorry all you X fans but the recent image of the Master Grade Gundam X that has been floating around the web as an aleged scan from an announcement in a magazine, I am not at all convinced. To my eyes it is clearly just a photoshop job taking the established scaned image of the MG GNX announcement as it's source.

Click the image for a closer look. The texts at the top and the red box at the bottom which show just a cut and paste replacement of a few words here and there. Most obvious evidence that it is a tampered image. The X is also a bit blurrier too.
Most damning is the signature interfering with the blue line in the very bottom left.
Try harder next time!

True though that this series could do with at least one Master Grade kit, it does not look as if your Gundam X wishes will come true quite so soon as you may have 1st thought.