Saturday, 28 July 2012

The ShowMe3D App for iOS!

I love this app. If you are interested in 3D photography, have camera equipped iOS device AND have a Hasbro My3D viewer, you MUST get this App!!!

I particularly like that it works with the .mpo file format. Like .jpg is a widespread accepted standard format for 2D photos, .mpo does the same for 3D images. Supported by Fuji's 3D digi-cams, their 3D picture frames, Samsung, LG 3D TV's, even the Nintendo 3DS saves its pictures and is able to read .mpo 3D photos taken with other 3D devices. If you want a 3D lenticular hard copy print of your photo developed? They want a .mpo file. That showMe3D has .mpo file support from the get go is fantastic. I've been successful in downloading other people's .mpo images to view via ShowMe3D using the Hasbro My3D viewer. This App unlocks a lot of underexploited potential by allowing users to easily create images to be enjoyed using the My3D viewer.

Download my 3D picture taken by iPhone 4 (I tested this also works with the cameras of the 3GS and iPad3) samples here too

  Cross-Eyed viewing

    Red-blue anaglyph 3D

If you have a Hasbro My3D viewer then I absolutely recommend this App without any hesitation! It's a killer app to be able to make your own 3D pics with an iOS camera equipped device.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Unwanted G-AGEing chips and cards?

Send your unused AG chip and any cards to Junior 'cos he can use them to play the AGE arcade game! or just send us a postcard to say hello :)
P.O.Box No.73229
Kowloon Central Post Office
Hong Kong
Ones we already have so far (so don't need) are as follows...
Age-1 Normal, Titus & Spallow, Genoace Custom, Zedas , Age-2 Double Bullet, Adele, Age-2 Dark Hound, AGE-FX, Legilis

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

New Gundam Pepsi cans (ver GFT)

Round 1 is out in August 2012 for ¥115 a pop (groan). They're just tins of Pepsi but dec'd in a limited edition Gundam theme to promote Diver City's Gundam Front Tokyo attraction. Regardless... it's Tat I want...

Gundam Crisis original 1:1 scale attraction at Fuji-Q Amusement Park

"Gundam Crisis" is the 1st life sized 1:1 scale full-on RX-78-2 Gundam built for the enjoyment of the general public. Posed lying on its back for maintenance, sporting a very MG OYW sculpt with a mat finish weathered paint job. The game involves a group of participants in a race to seek out several scattered docking points for your Gundam PDA's registration. You get to run around it and observe this sleeping giant from a high vantage raised walkway. The first to find'm-all gets to go on a mission to pilot the Gundam! Look out for several "exclusive" on-site store merchandise including an MG RX-78-2 ver Gundam Crisis which is just the OYW version re-boxed (tell me if there are other reasons to pick this up). Also a Metal Composite GFF RX-78-2 (again in unique packaging).
This attraction has been open since 2007, being just one of the many attractions to be found at the Fuji-Q amusement park Japan. Gundam Crisis is still running at the time of posting but I do wonder how much longer it will be kept. I hope it's still there next time I'm visiting for our hike up Mount Fuji. Junior was a little too young for us to enjoy all there was on offer there (hard-core roller coasters are a major feature of this park). Pls Pls Pls still be there when we are next here again...

Gundam Crisis attraction Skip to 1:49 for the good stuff to start!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Gundam 0079 Time Crisis!

That's what I thought too! Wish they'd release an English language version of Gundam OYW PS2 game. (and added Guncon2 support while they were at it...)

Saturday, 14 July 2012

"The Excellent" Otsumami

Otsumami: beer-snacks. In this case its sticks of cheese sandwiched between thin slivers of squid... An "Excellent" snack it is too!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Alternate Mobile Suit Gundam designs!

Some of the original artwork on display at the Gundam Front 2012. I could have shot a video but I'd rather those of you who can, go fly to Tokyo to see these exhibits in person yourselves rather than have the experience spoiled in advance.
The proto-Core Fighter has a bit of a G-Force vibe to it IMO.