Sunday, 25 July 2010

New Gundam / Mech model painting contest! 1st Nov 2010 Deadline

Yes... you get to know about it here 1st! Another painting contest to get you up to speed... but with an added twist this time! You cant enter a kit that costs more than a recommended retail price of  700 Japanese yen.
Complicated? maybe.... I need your feedback. The idea is that you take an inexpensive kit and make it awesome. Inexpensive kits being mandatory levels the playing field so we have no Master Grades that may put the cheaper kit entries at an unfair disadvantage. You dont have to use a brand new kit purchase either... If you have an old First or No grade kit lying around unloved at home, that's perfectly fine for us that you make good use of them here. The theme we will adopt is an adaptation of a suggestion from  where you take any one country as the theme for your paintjob. ie, if you decide to use the United Kingdom as you country of choice... you could use the colours of the Union Jack  flag for the colours. BUT of course red white and blue are bog standard typical Gundam colours so that is no way enough to win by just entering a normal RX-78-2 in normal colour scheme! You'd have to add your own design paterns so that at a glance I can see that your robot represents the UK... Let your imagination run wild! It should be a blast to make entries for this and will be brilliant for us to judge too. Kinda like G-Gundam battle of nations or a Soccer World Cup event. Get the idea? I will allow also photo entries this time but you can do both YouTube and Photo entries if you want. The photos helps us get a better look at your work's end results whilst video is great... not everyone has a video camera and webcam vids can be a little hard to see details. Start your own Entry Thread and post your photo links here

No crazy physical kitbash projects! The main focus here is the paint-job design and execution
The prize will be yet again generously sponsored by the great folks at and helping us with the adjudication will be the return of the awesome Mokanaman!

The deadline is Nov 1st. If you want to enter just for fun and not for the prize, just let us know too!

Q. Can I use an SD kit? A. If it retailed for 800 Yen or less then yes.
Q. Can I use decals? A. Yes. Use of decals is allowed.
Q. I picked up this kit on-the-cheap for less than 800Yen but it's original retail is more. Is it valid for winning the contest? A. No but you can enter just for fun if you like (state this in the video!)