Friday, 3 April 2009

The Truth About Being A YouTube Partner!

To those who congratulated me, I thank you... and for those who may have no idea... Yes, I am a YouTube Partner. I think the 1st of us who do this little Gunpla thing on YouTube . I have been a Partner since mid Dec 2008. Yeah... I know... I Rock... Totally...

It's why you see I have a big banner on my YouTube Channel page and a little banner on my video pages too. Another perk is I get to post videos longer than 11 min. Which is nice. I DO have rules I have to follow. Such as not using copyright material that I don't have permission to use. Avoid dropping the 'F" bomb. That kind of thing... Watch the video below for more info. on what it means to be a YouTube Patrner. The advertisements you see floating around my videos and to the side are also a byproduct of me being a Partner. Sometimes the Ads make sense and are relevant to my videos. Othertimes they can be darn right random! I have no control over them, its Googles handling. Drop me a comment if you like.

I have spoken to a few other well established Partners and it seems that some terms and conditions make some shy away from speaking about it too publicly or in detail...

If you want to know how to become a YouTube Partner yourself... do some research, same way as I did. And good luck. ;-)

BTW: the videos you post on YouTube need not be any good for you to become a Partner. I am living proof of that! Google "how on earth accepted youtube partner". It's a question I posted on Yahoo Answers myself.

Thursday, 2 April 2009