Wednesday, 20 May 2009

My little helper

My tripod buddy for the shots used in Part1 of the PG Astray RedFrame video.
Yes it's Masterpiece Optimus Prime! A very hefty Diecast figure, he was my counterweight to keep my whole overhead camera setup from tipping forward and hitting the deck. Bless him.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Perfect Grade Red Frame Astray (Part1) in HD!!!

From initial concept, adlibs, seeing everything evolving before our eyes and ears. It was a SO much FUN to make, and I trust it shows in the final product which is part1 of the Perfect Grade Red Frame Astray posted TODAY!
BUT: you won't find it on my YouTube Channel! where will you find it? I'm not telling you... but trust me, ITS OUT NOW!

Part2 will continue exactly where part1 left off. There's still some work before being ready for publication. Come ON! they didn't release all three Lord Of The Rings flicks in cinemas all in one go now did they?

Bear in mind that I may not even bother finishing part2, unless you really want to see it... by which you can show your appreciation by giving part1 5 stars and leaving a comment. I'm thinking around 500+ stars?